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Saxon Systems is a specialist consulting house. The emphasis is on providing a niche group of services to companies that do not want to employ skilled IT professionals on a permanent basis or simply do not have access to these resources for one of several reasons.
  • Need someone with the skills, knowledge and experience required to deal with your IT suppliers? Dont know what equipment you should be buying? Need someone to organize and align your IT shop with your business objectives. Dont want to employ a permanent staff member? To small to afford a full time IT guru or CIO? Not sure what equipment you should be buying? Dont understand SLA's and contracts or if you need them? We have the right skills and experience for your business, no matter what the size, to help you on a as-and-when needed basis. What you need is a Virtual CIO to make sure your business is supported by an efficient and effective IT infrastructure and that you have a plan to make sure your money works for you and that you get a good return on your hard earned money?
  • Your software development project is a mess, your IT development shop or external supplier is not delivering, missed deadlines, project creep. Sound familiar? We specialize in Project Recovery and can help you identify the problem areas and put your project back on track.
  • You want to make sure your next software development project is executed on time, in budget and is successfull? Not sure if you have the right internal skills or suppliers to do the job? We have the skills and experience to help you make sure your next project is resourced correctly, planned correctly and executed as expected. We have the Project Management, Business Analysis and Software Development and Architecture consulting skills to make sure your project is a success.
  • You need to make sure your software development team have the required skills to successfully deliver your projects. We provide skilled and experienced consultants to provide your team or developer with the required Training, insight and Technical Skills to make your project a success.
  • You need to Create a Website to advertise your Products and Services on the Internet. We have a team of skilled and experienced professionals using the lastest technologies to ensure your Website is a success.
  • We provide Technical Analysis Skills to Assess your software development project and resultant Product providing you with an In-depth Report of Problem Areas, Design Deficiencies and Security Risks
  • We specialize in Bespoke Software Development specifically Websites and web based Internet, Intranet, Business Solutions and Products using Microsoft Products such as ASP.NET, C#, .Net Framework 3.5 and others.

  • Watch this space !
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